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Quinoa Cruise Granola [56% nuts-seeds-dried fruit by weight, gluten free, vegan friendly, no refined sugar]

Quinoa Cruise Granola [56% nuts-seeds-dried fruit by weight, gluten free, vegan friendly, no refined sugar]

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Ingredients: Exotic Nuts, Seeds and Fruits (56%) (Almonds, Black Currants, Cranberries, Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Cacao Nibs, Puffed Quinoa, Coconut Sugar, Rice Bran Oil, Cinnamon, Rock Salt.


✓  Plant based  ✓  Gluten free  ✓  No transfats  

✓  No preservatives  ✓  No additives  ✓  No artificial colours/flavours

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The Nibble Box is a Gluten free and Plant based brand.

A toast could be had plain, or could be seen as an opportunity to be a nutrient dense, wholesome, health boosting breakfast. Here is one of the many ways to top your toast.

Time to make :  5 minutes

Level : Easy

Taste & Consistency : crispy, nutty, flavourful

Tip : be adventurous with your breakfast

Featured in the video :

Quinoa Cruise Granola



A simple sprinkle for the win. Make your banana bread loaf look gorgeous and festive just by topping it with granola right before baking.

Time to prepare :  10 minutes

Level : Medium

Taste & Consistency : flavourful, moist and delicious with crunchy bits.

Tip : allow it to cool completely before you slice

Featured in the video :

Almond flour banana bread mix (classic)

Quinoa Cruise Granola

These pancakes are super easy to make (just add milk to the mix) and raise the bar thanks to the pretty Quinoa granola that is put right at the time of cooking. You don’t need any topping except a drizzle of maple.

Time to make :  10 minutes

Level : Easy

Taste & Consistency : fluffy, moist, mildly sweet with crunchy bits

Tip : be adventurous with your pancakes

Featured in the video :

Almond flour pancake mix (classic)

Quinoa Cruise Granola 

This centre filled frozen chocolate treat gets even more fun with granola (because crunch). You can make it in minutes and about 30 minutes ahead of when you want to eat it.

Time to make :  10 minutes

Level : Easy

Taste & Consistency : chocolaty, creamy centre, crunchy outside

Tip : be adventurous with your granola

Featured in the video :

Quinoa Cruise Granola

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