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This granola has strong and earthy pairing of cacao and coconut. It is from our first second launch and was created to be totally different from chocohazelnut Chuckwagon granola and yet with everything chocolate. It is 36% nuts, seeds and fruits, thereby, making it rich in healthy fats and plant protein.
  • Contains dark chocolate
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • 36% Nuts & Fruits
  • Zero Trans fats
  • Rich in healthy fats and plant protein
Taste and texture : It is a rich granola with pure Belgian cacao nibs that gives its uniquenesss and a hit with our patrons. Bring Cafe Home : 
  1. KNOW every single ingredient that goes into your granola
  2. A good addition as an ingredient in protein shakes – basis our user stories
  3. A toast with some peanut butter and Cacao Cove granola as a topper can make any day a sunday.
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