Belgian Hot Chocolate Mix, 25g (pack of 2)

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  1. There are not many options out there for Dark Hot Chocolate that is luscious, smooth and hits the spot just right.
  2. We have used the finest grade of chocolate – Belgian, in making of this hot chocolate mix.
  3. Every Ingredient Matters – We feel that you can make a mug of hot chocolate ONLY with the best ingredients.
  4. For our health enthusiast friends, CuppaChi Dark Hot Chocolate has less than 10g sugar, 8.7g to be precise.
  5. No Added Refined Sugar. We have used coconut sugar which a natural derivative of coconut palm.
  7. You do not have to go far and wide to get to a café for a hot chocolate anymore
  8. It is way more economical than most of the hot chocolates available in the market
  9. Predictable deliciousness every single time
  10. Vegan Friendly