Dark Chocolate Almond flour Pancake Mix [ 40% nuts-dried fruit- seeds by weight, gluten free (no wheat/ no refined flour), vegan friendly] Just add milk to make the batter

Dark Chocolate Almond flour Pancake Mix [ 40% nuts-dried fruit- seeds by weight, gluten free (no wheat/ no refined flour), vegan friendly] Just add milk to make the batter

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We LOVE pancakes! Who doesn’t? But what we wanted to change about the pancakes that have been existing till now, any guesses? THE INGREDIENTS! (Because “Every Ingredient Matters”) We can easily say that our 2019 – the whole year has gone into only perfecting these Pancake Mixes. The result is fluffy, easy to make, melt-in-mouth, gluten free, zero refined sugar, vegan friendly pancakes that are also rich in healthy fats and plant protein. But the best part is the raw banana flour – such a functional  ingredient for gut.

Bring Café Home :

  • KNOW every single ingredient that goes into your pancakes
  • Breakfast in Bed : Have fresh, fluffy, warm pancakes and dress them up exactly how you want

So, just add mylk and have a stack (ready in minutes) to dress up and dive in!

Makes:  6-7 medium sized pancakes

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Contains Raw banana flour (a prebiotic, good for gut)
  • No Added Refined Sugar
  • Zero Trans Fats
  • Rich in healthy fats and plant protein
  • Made using Aluminium-free baking powder

How to Prepare :-

  1. Empty the contents into a bowl and add to this, measured mylk of choice, exactly as per the instructions on the pack. This is all you need to make the pancake batter. Mix it well. It is easy and you will not find issues of clumps. Use a fork, preferably, to mix.
  2. Give the batter a standing time of about 60 seconds. Mix it again.
  3. Meanwhile, grease a non stick (no other kind) pan really well and put it on heat. Greasing is a very important step. Heat : to be on medium (low will take them too long to cook and high will burn them quick).
  4. Now, pour measured 1/4th cup of the batter on the pan. We found this measurement to be perfect to make round, easy to flip, fluffy pancakes. More batter will make it difficult to flip. Although, smaller than this size will work too. There is absolutely no need to spread the batter, else the pancake won’t rise. Just pour the batter and let it cook.
  5. After about a minute, insert a metal spatula beneath the pancake : if it comes out clean, it is time to flip. Otherwise, let it cook for another 30 seconds and check again.
  6. When you flip, again add a little oil at the sides. You will appreciate the even browning on the cooked side, it always gets evenly browned. The other side gets cooked a little faster, so keep checking. Once cooked, take it off the pan.
  7. Follow the process, make stacks, dress them up and devour.

Stacking and Topping : –

Pancakes taste best with some really wholesome toppings. We recommend the following basic toppings :-

  • Healthy fat – nut butter/ chopped nuts
  • Compote or coulis – try to find or make your own berry or any fruit compote/ coulis. Choose jaggery or coconut sugar to sweeten if making at home. If buying from a store, find an unsweetened version.
  • Maple/ agave – needed if your compote/ coulis is unsweetened
  • Granola – it takes the aesthetics quite a few notches up and also adds fiber, protein and healthy fats.
  • Fresh fruit – banana/ berries or any fruit you love

Some important points :-

  1. Avoid leaving the batter out without being used for too long. It has a tendency to thicken. If that happens because you had to take a call for 10 minutes, then add a splash of mylk to it in order for it to achieve the consistency like at the very start.
  2. If you wish to add chocolate chips, granola, nuts and seeds to the batter, go ahead. In case you wish to add any fruit (banana, strawberries, etc.) to the batter, you may want to reduce the quantity of the mylk being added.

iii. These pancakes can be made full pack or even half. Just halve the quantity of mylk too, in case you plan to use half of the mix.

  1. We recommend using coconut oil for cooking for health benefits.

Any questions? Please write to us at cs@thenibblebox.com

You can watch the assisting videos for making these pancakes and topping them up in our instagram feed : instagram.com/thenibblebox

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Banana Flour, Almond Flour,Coconut Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Whole Rolled Oats powder, Chia Seeds, Aluminium Free Baking Powder, Cinnamon.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Facts:

Values per 30g
Energy 129.6 kcal
Protein 3.7 g
Fat 4.3 g
Carb 18.8 g
Sugar 8.6 g