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almond flour


easy, fluffy, perfectly browned pancakes in minutes

naturally protein-rich

Difficulty level = 0

It doesn’t get easier than this. 

Make batter in minutes.

Our almond flour Pancake & waffle mixes are made using quality plant based-ingredients that are known for their healthful goodness. They come with easy to understand written instructions + videos and are very simple to use for you to enjoy a delicious pancake experience for breakfast.

Classic Almond flour Pancake Mix
Classic Almond flour Pancake Mix
Masala milk mix dusting

Brilliant ingredients 

Real, good and honest ingredients make food that boosts mood and energy in a natural way. TNB Pancake & waffle mixes are uniquely designed with every ingredient thoughtfully chosen to be plant-based, gluten free and nutrient dense. This combination practically revolutionizes how we have known pancakes & waffles in the past.

You will love the ingredients for their nutrition density, rich flavour and incredibly good texture. The flour used is the perfect mix of almond flour, whole rolled oats and banana flour for perfect texture and rich flavour.

Equally important, we have made them without any addition of the very commonly used : vegetable oils, dextrose, wheat flour, refined wheat flour, xanthan gums, emulsifiers, cornstarch, and other unwanted ingredients.

“The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.”
~Denise Morrison

protein – rich

TNB Pancake & Waffle mixes are rich in plant protein that comes from almonds, oats, chia seeds and banana flour. To keep our Pancake & waffle mixes open to all ages, we have made sure that the protein comes from plant based foods..

Almond flour pancake (classic)
Dark Chocolate Cosmic Clusters

Bon Appétit


waffles – crispy, golden brown outside and tender, fluffy inside 

pancakes – fluffy, round and perfectly browned




No added refined sugar. No artificial sweeteners. No refined wheat flour. No whole wheat flour. No cornstarch. No potato starch. No xanthan gum. No gum. No preservatives. No additives. No artificial flavours.  No artificial colours. No emulsifiers. No palm oil. No vegetable oil.


All your online orders get the freshest batch.

for your gut

The fiber rich, nutrient dense ingredients are aimed at fueling the health of your gud. like everything at TNB, is a Gluten free breakfast.

the Pancakes & Waffles mixes flavours

Recipe Dark chocolate Pancake

Recipe Dark chocolate zucchini pancakes

Granola bundle

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