India's favourite granola since 2014

11 culture-inspired, experiential flavours

Rustic, homestyle

Ingredients that are known for their healthful goodness are measured, weighed and chopped/ sliced with precision, then mixed in the order following a traditional recipe and baked to perfection.

TNB Granola are made from natural, nutrient dense ingredients and are made in a homestyle fashion, in fresh batches. You will love the choice of healthful ingredients, the diversity of ingredients used, and the fact that it is baked to perfection.

Brilliant ingredients 

All our 11 Granola are made with rich and diverse ingredients, each of which is thoughtfully chosen to create a breakfast experience like no other.

Every flavour is made using upto 80% nuts, dried fruit and seeds by weight as key ingredients, which ensures healthy fats, plant protein and fiber in every bite of your breakfast granola.

Equally important, we made them without any addition of the very commonly used syrups, refined sugar, preservatives, artificial flavours and bad oils.
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40% to 80% dried fruit, nuts & seeds

Real, good and honest ingredients make food that boosts mood and energy in a natural and sustained way. We have created all our Granola with an added boost from nuts for healthy fats, seeds for plant protein and dried fruit for their natural antioxidants, nutrients and of course – deliciousness.

Have it on its own or top off your bowl of chopped fruit with granola. All our granola also make for surprisingly good toppers for porridges, O’meal (our recently launched oat & amaranth oatmeal mixes), smoothie bowls and even nice creams.

Enjoy a serving of delicious, homestyle granola and take your breakfast experience to another level.

Bon Appétit.


No artificial sweeteners. No sugar syrups viz. invert syrups. No molasses. No preservatives. No additives. No artificial flavours. No artificial colours. No emulsifiers. No acidity regulators. No bad oils – no palm oil, no vegetable oil. No wheat flakes, No Malt extract, No lecithin, No tocopherol/ Vitamin E, No permitted flavours, No artificial antioxidants, No added antioxidants, No sunflower oil, No vegetable fat, No corn flakes.

Wide range to explore

Choose from 11 delicious, culture-inspired flavours

Plant based for the planet.

The fiber rich, nutrient dense ingredients are aimed at fueling the health of your gut. Granola, like everything at TNB, are 100% plant-based breakfast.


All your online orders get the freshest batch.

for your gut

The fiber rich, nutrient dense ingredients are aimed at fuelling the health of your gut. Granola, like everything at TNB, is a Gluten free breakfast.

the eleven granola flavours


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