100% plant-based, gluten free ingredients

10 delicious, experiential flavours

The Ten Dry Fruits Bars flavours

Is there a bite as good as TNB Dry Fruit Bars

Whether you have it
on waking up, as your afternoon energy-booster, your post lunch treat, as an evening snack
this dry fruit bar will be your best bet because its ingredients are functional and support a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy sustained energy and healthy lifestyle with our 10 flavors.

Dry fruits that are the best foods on the planet, come together to create bite sized TNB Dry Fruit Bars that are flavorful, moreish and are sure to give your senses a wholesome experience. Made using health boosting ingredients, our Dry Fruit Bars are gluten free, 100% plant based and incredibly delicious. And they come in 10 flavours.

Brilliant ingredients 

Dry Fruit Bars are designed with every ingredient thoughtfully chosen so that you get to  truly enjoy a snack for its taste and also for its health benefits.

The ingredients of all our Dry Fruit Bars have a brilliant nutrition profile – they are rich in plant protein, healthy fats and fiber.

Sweetened using dried fruit. Oil-free.

Real, good and honest ingredients make food that boosts mood and energy in a natural and sustained way. You will love the ingredients that have gone into the making of Dry Fruit Bars.

Equally important, we made them without any addition of the very commonly used artificial or any added flavours, preservatives, artificial colours, oils/ fat, additives, binding agents, starches.

Enjoy a delicious sweet, little Dry Fruit Bar anywhere, anytime.

Bon Appétit.

You can have these on their own or use them as toppers for your experiential breakfast.


No artificial sweeteners (no liquid glucose, invert syrups). No preservatives. No additives. No artificial flavours.  No artificial colours. No emulsifiers.  No oils/ fat.

for the planet

Like every other TNB Breakfast, dry fruits bars is plant based/ vegan friendly. It goes perfect with any plant based milk.


All your online orders get the freshest batch.

for your gut

The fiber rich, nutrient dense ingredients are aimed at fueling the health of your gut. dry fruits bars, like everything at TNB, is a Gluten free breakfast.


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