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make decadent, dark hot chocolate in a minute

the key ingredient to make real, health-boosting hot chocolate : 70% dark chocolate

Belgian Hot Chocolate mix

Few of the many beverages TNB Beverage mixes help you enjoy

hot masala chai

warming Rose latté

Decadent Belgian Hot Chocolate

Pumpkin pie spice latté

healing Golden milk

Immunity boosting tea

Simple, easy and rejuvenating

TNB Beverage mixes are very easy to use and go amazingly well with any plant-based milk and even water. Simply add the mix to your choice of plant based milk/ water and make a cup of warming, health-boosting, incredibly delicious beverage in minutes.

Belgian Hot Chocolate mix

Brilliant ingredients 

TNB Beverage mixes are designed with every ingredient thoughtfully chosen so that you get to truly enjoy a beverage for its taste and also for its health benefits.

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.”
~Denise Morrison

Belgian Hot Chocolate mix
Masala Milk Mix
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Every Ingredient Matters

Real, good and honest ingredients make food that boosts mood and energy in a natural and sustained way.

We have created TNB Beverage mixes with an added boost from nutrient dense ingredients that are known to the kitchens of our homes. Equally important, we made them without any addition of the very commonly used artificial flavours or preservatives.

The choice of ingredients along with the simple recipe make for a gorgeously delicious, warming beverage for you, everytime.

Have a delicious, delicious experience.


No artificial sweeteners. No dairy. No milk solids. No preservatives. No additives. No artificial flavours. No artificial colours. No emulsifiers. No acidity regulators.

Plant based for the planet.

The fiber rich, nutrient dense ingredients are aimed at fueling the health of your gud. like everything at TNB, are 100% plant based breakfast.


All your online orders get the freshest batch.

for your gut

The fiber rich, nutrient dense ingredients are aimed at fueling the health of your gud. like everything at TNB, is a Gluten free breakfast.

The Hot Chocolate mix flavours

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