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Smartest way to breakfast

7 experiential flavours to choose from

O’meal is a hearty, nutrient dense breakfast mix to make a delicious morning bowl of oatmeal at our most affordable prices. It is just what you have been waiting for.

Speedier than you think

Brilliant ingredients 

We put the science of innovation from TNB Superfood Porridge into making O’meal. The ingredients are chosen to help you make a breakfast that is speedy, delicious and made using ingredients that you know for their healthful goodness.

TNB Granola is craving.
It wants to top an ultra creamy brekkie.

The choice of ingredients along with the simple recipe make for a gorgeously creamy oatmeal – even when made using water.

Enjoy your warm, creamy bowl of breakfast.
Bon Appétit.


All your online orders get the freshest batch.

Plant based for the planet.

for the planet

Like every other TNB Breakfast, O’meal is plant based/ vegan friendly. It goes perfect with any plant based milk.

for your gut

The fiber rich, nutrient dense ingredients are aimed at fueling the health of your gut. O’meal, like everything at TNB, is a Gluten free breakfast.

Easy to make, wide range to explore.

Choose from 7 culture-inspired flavours, then cook in minutes. Top off to suit your mood.

Sweetness as desired. And milk is optional.

O’meal is designed with no added sugar so that you have the option of choosing the type and amount of sweetener in your oatmeal. It is also a choice whether you make it in milk or water – it will be creamy both ways to ensure an elevated breakfast experience for you.

Mighty, magical MILLETS.

Every O’meal is further enriched with the addition of Amaranth/ Rajgira – the Indian superfood for its rich diversity of nutrients viz. quality plant protein, calcium, iron, fiber,
resistant starch.

Obviously, no bad substances for your gut

No preservatives. No additives. No added sugar. No artificial flavours. No trans fats. No artificial colours. No thickening agents. No tocopherols.

Why is it worth switching to O’meal for your daily breakfast.

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Nutrient dense


Much speedier than most

Easy to cook

Ultra creamy

7 flavours for variety

Completely sugar free

You can top how you like


Fuller for longer

fiber rich