Why do you need to move on from the milk-sugar-grain porridges?

First, dairy milk, refined sugar and wheat cause inflammation and adversely affect overall health (we have covered this in detail already).

Second and most important,
**more diversity in your porridge = varied nutrients = better gut health = great overall health**.

It’s as simple as that.

Here’s how and why we made your TNB Superfood Porridge :

GLUTEN FREE + VEGAN FRIENDLY – TNB Superfood Porridge is, hence, a #GutFriendly breakfast.

#JustAddHotWater to make yourself a warm bowl of creamy, delicious, nutrient-dense porridge.

COMPLEX CARBS – Choosing Gluten free, complex carbs is important to give a slow release of energy all through the morning. We have used #oats #AlmondFlour #Quinoa #Amaranth

HEALTHY FATS – Nuts and seeds in your TNB Superfood Porridge ensure a well-balanced macro profile of your breakfast.

FIBER – Beta glucan is a powerful natural fiber found in oats. This makes TNB Superfood Porridge good for the gut and for an overall digestive health.

PLANT PROTEIN – Seeds and Nuts in TNB Superfood Porridge account for high quality plant protein with a well balanced amino acid profile.

LOW SUGAR – We have used minimal amount of coconut sugar, which is a low Glycemic Index complex sugar that is also rich in nutrients.

BRILLIANT INGREDIENTS – You will LOVE the ingredients, from the first (present in highest amount) to the last (present in the lowest amount). #ReadTheLabels #EveryIngredientMatters

In the pictures, are shown :-

TNB Chocolate and Hazelnut Superfood Porridge

TNB Rose and Pistachio Superfood Porridge

TNB Cranberry and Raisin Superfood Porridge

Do try all three and checkout our earlier posts on how to make them.

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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