Why do you NEED a #MakeIn90seconds chocolate cake in life:–

Why do you NEED a #MakeIn90seconds chocolate cake in life :–

#NeverMissAMemory – When you realise that this date is a reminder of fondest pack of memories and you absolutely must celebrate, do it with a little chocolate cake.

FEEL GOOD – Cake makes you feel good because #endorphins esp. when it is also nourishing #BrilliantIngredients #GlutenFree #VeganFriendly

#SelfLoveCheck – You feel more loved when you listen to your heart, make your own cake and then wait for it to cool.

#GetHappy – Cake is satisfying esp. when it is a chocolate cake. Study says it is because of release of #serotonin, a neurotransmitter that produces feeling of happiness. #PureBelgianChocolate #HealthyFats

#CreativeBoost – When you think about toppings and add-ins, you kick in your creativity. Could there be a better way to find a creative let out.

#GoodKarma – How do you grow your heart? Make yourself a cake and also for those who matter to you in life. That’s happiness running to you.

#ChinUpAndSmile – To make your transition into the new week with a wide happy smile.

#JustAddMilkAndOil and make your Chocolate mug cake in 90 seconds. #CelebrateLife

Have a delicious, delicious day!


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