Don’t we deserve only high-quality breakfast as a species? That was the first great question that popped into our heads before The Nibble Box was born. Then more followed. Are we going to make anything less than what we fell in love with at the breakfast table in Interlaken – all and only authentic, flavourful, and wholesome? Do we make TNB patrons savour the goodness of wholesome, real food or do we make them settle for less only because that would make us friendly with the prevalent breakfast cereal industry standards?

We did not want to do a tad better than the junk food and call it “healthy”. We wanted to MAKE A SHIFT. We never looked for cheaper swaps for ingredients. We wanted to ONLY DO WHAT WE LOVED ourselves for its inherent indisputable powers. We did not want to make TNB into a commodity business. We wanted it to be A WORK OF PASSION, A MOVEMENT revolutionising the very way we saw breakfast as a country.

Food is only about taste, you say? We disagree. It is so much more. It is also a lot about the ingredients that go in, the way it is handled (with love and respect), the intention it follows to do good when introduced with every cell of the body it goes in


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