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What’s so cosmic about these clusters?

Cosmic Clusters are naturally rich in #high-quality-protein with balanced amino acids, thanks to Amaranth (rajgira)

Cosmic Clusters are made of #wholeAmaranth or rajgira #unprocessed

Cosmic Clusters are made using #natural#nutrient-dense coconut sugar, not refined sugars, no syrups

Cosmic Clusters are gluten free (no wheat) and hence #GutFriendly

Cosmic Clusters have Beetroot and Carrot in them for extra #nutrients

Cosmic Clusters are #plant-based (that means no milk solids and the likes, #ZeroDairy) and hence #EasyToDigest #GutFriendly

Cosmic Clusters are natural with no artificial colours or flavours or additives of any kind.

To us, that is precisely what makes them Clusters so Cosmic!

#CosmicClusters as shown in the pictures :

Pic 1 – Dark chocolate and
Pic 2 – Strawberry
Pic 3 – because we can’t get enough of that tiny astronaut

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