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☀️By “Clean Snacks”, we mean snacks that are made ONLY using natural, plant based, home-known ingredients and nothing that’s not coming straight from nature. ☀️

#NoSugarSyrups #NoDairy #NoArtificialIngredients #NotEvenGluten

Does that seem difficult to you? Give it a second thought and you will see that it is easier than you can imagine. 🌻

🥳Your Diwali has got to be full of sustained energy, not lethargy. Festivals are enjoyed better with pure, honest, real food.🥳

We launched TNB GudNut range for Diwali, 2018, as an exclusive but then felt something missing after, So, we got it back to @thenibblebox Menu for you to enjoy it every Diwali.

Do let us know how you and your family/ guests love GudNut AND which one of the seven?

Hope it helps. Have delicious, delicious festive times! 🙌🏻💚 #WordVeganDay

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