First, WE ARE VERY SORRY that you are having to undergo this experience. We feel you and wish we could do something about it but honestly, we do not have much control over how our partners are operating at the moment. This lockdown has not been easy on anyone and that goes without saying for our retail and online partners as well.

💔 It truly breaks our heart to know that you don’t find your favourite TNB Breakfast at the retail stores/ online marketplaces esp. when you are running out on your most loved breakfast supply.

And so we have made the entire experience on @thenibblebox website (link in bio) functional and super joyful for you with ease of browsing, a great variety, and quick problem solving. PLUS, we take extra care that NOTHING goes out of stock as frequently! How is that for a solution?

✅So, enjoy your breakfast uninterrupted. Get on the website and refuel your breakfast with your favourites and some of our really delicious new launches. Tell us if you need any assistance, we are just an email/ DM away.

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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