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We are nervous. Very, very nervous. That happens with every single launch and right now it is the recently launched

 That happens with every single launch and right now it is the recently launched #AlmondFlour BANANA BREAD mixes that are making us anything but calm. .
Did we proof-read every word of the very detailed step-by-step method? Did we ensure doing every single thing as planned? Will our patrons love it as much as we do? Will they appreciate and accept this new kid with their 100%? Are we going to be able to beat all our past innovation-records with this one? .
We can’t be really sure that we are not addicted to this feeling of being excited and nervous around every launch. While the high is good to have sometimes, it is not a safe place to be in because we’ve got A LOT to do. What are we to do, then? .
THIS : Make a cup of immuni-tea : add a generous pinch of #MasalaMilkMix and a teeny bit of #GoldenMilkMix. Then let it brew on its own. There’s no need for a sieve. What we need is a window and some silence. Then look outside in space and take a couple of deep breaths. Now when the heart beats more calmly, pick a #GojiBerry and chew on it. Then pick another. Repeat till those tiny (almost invisible) seeds inside feel like how it feels when a giant piece of very flavourful grape bursts in the mouth. .
When that happens, you know you’re in the moment. .
It also leads to a chance discovery that #GojiBerries when added to hot tea, swell up, absorb the spices and add SO MUCH more flavour to even the best flavoured tea. .
That was a true experience that we felt is worth taking forward by sharing with you. When nervous, sip on immunity-tea and use Goji Berries to check if you’re back in the moment. Then do what you were any way going to do. .
If you are aware of the youth boosting superpowers of Goji Berries, we are friends. You can find Goji Berries, Masala Milk Mix, Golden Milk Mix on the website. #LinkInBio .
Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 💚🙌🏻


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