To check ALL of those boxes, if we have to pick ONE (never easy), we would say that it is our Rose and Pistachio Superfood Porridge. Here’s why :

DELICIOUS – we didn’t do much here, to be very honest. We strongly believe that the “delicious” aspect for good food is taken care of just by using #BrilliantIngredients. Wholesome, clean and nutrient dense ingredients are the biggest secret to truly delicious food.

FLAVORFUL – who has grown up loving Indian sweets? Well, who’s not. We have used the most adored festive flavour for this brekkie. While the other 2 are very much new age, this one is totally traditional with respect to its feel and flavours.

HOT BREKKIE – All you do is add hot water to the porridge mix and swirl till its get gorgeously creamy.

Toppers used today : chopped dark roasted almonds from yesterday and saffron.

Have a delicious-bowl-of-warm-sweet-porridge kinda day!



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