Bestsellers in breakfast

Bestsellers in snacks

To check ALL of those boxes, if we have to pick ONE (never easy), we would say that it is our Rose and Pistachio Superfood Porridge. Here’s why :

DELICIOUS – we didn’t do much here, to be very honest. We strongly believe that the “delicious” aspect for good food is taken care of just by using #BrilliantIngredients. Wholesome, clean and nutrient dense ingredients are the biggest secret to truly delicious food.

FLAVORFUL – who has grown up loving Indian sweets? Well, who’s not. We have used the most adored festive flavour for this brekkie. While the other 2 are very much new age, this one is totally traditional with respect to its feel and flavours.

HOT BREKKIE – All you do is add hot water to the porridge mix and swirl till its get gorgeously creamy.

Toppers used today : chopped dark roasted almonds from yesterday and saffron.

Have a delicious-bowl-of-warm-sweet-porridge kinda day!



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