Not a breakfast post today but as you can see, you are in for a treat that is NOT A CHEAT-TREAT!

Top 3 reasons that got us thinking about THESE COOKIES :-

1. Some parents have written to us that they are no more okay buying cookies that are made using unhealthy ingredients and that TNB should look at better solutions for kids who love cookies.

2. It is hard to find anyone who doesn’t love freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Yet, it is reserved for “cheat-days” simply because you know that your body is not okay with ingredients such as refined flour, refined sugar, trans fats, artificial flavours, preservatives, additives (this list is exhaustive). PLEASE READ AND KNOW THE INGREDIENTS that go into your cookies #ReadTheLabels

3. Baking cookies is one of the biggest food joys that you can experience let alone having your cookies fresh outta the oven. That joy is unshippable.

We are almost done R&Ding these cookies for you. Some obvious features with TNB Cookies :-

✔️Made using good-for-you ingredients
✔️Gluten free (no wheat/ refined flour)
✔️No bad oils (no vegetable oils)
✔️Vegan friendly (no dairy)
✔️No emulsifiers
✔️No Sugar syrups
✔️No Preservatives
✔️No Transfats
✔️No Artificial Flavours/ Additives

Choose wise. Choose health. Choose joy.

We can’t wait to launch this snack addition to @thenibblebox Menu for you. Hope you are excited too.

Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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