Mid weeks are busy and appear more so when not planned ahead. It is quite simple. You plan experiential, you get experiential.

We know it is not ideal to bake on a mid-week work morning (unless you are a part of the early morning wake up club) and so we suggest you bake over the weekend. It kicks off the weekend on a winning and productive note, satiates cravings for those who crave to bake but don’t want to put in all those hours and of course gives you #BrekkieAdventures for the weekdays such as today.

We deeply believe in the power of orienting the start of the day with exciting, self loving, valued brekkies over bland ones that give no love, get no love and simply exist as fillers. How you start your day is how you live your life.

Use TNB Banana Bread Mix to make your banana bread batter in less than 5 minutes. Then bake it in your microwave on convection mode or oven or OTG. And enjoy every single slice exactly how you want.

Have a great time baking on the coming weekend. Hope you are having delicious, delicious mornings. 🙌🏻💚


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