We’re taking it forward from our yesterday’s share because something felt really good while sharing our feelings with you and it felt like that till even after the breakfast was over. Another thing that we love about spending time at the breakfast table is that it opens a window into one’s own heart, don’t you think? .

Coming back to being stronger together, we want to take you back to the first lockdown when we were bombarded with an incessant volley of problems. Problems of every possible nature. .

Now imagine a filled mug of your Belgian Hot Chocolate. You are deeply enjoying every drop of that experiential indulgence when suddenly, your mug gets one hole at the bottom. And while you are working at your emotions and also trying to fix that hole (this is the only mug you have so no chance of emptying this into another), you suddenly have more new holes showing up every other minute. Worse, the speed of holes showing up goes on increasing too! What do you do? Would you say a yes to losing all of your precious Hot Chocolate (assuming it is one of the loves of your life)? Give up without trying? .
—time for Dr. Weil’s 4-7-8 breathing exercise—- .
Just when you say, “No, I won’t give up.”, you suddenly remember your marshmallows…one for each hole, absorbing all the problem and becoming a bigger solution than the very hole. That is what our team is to The Nibble Box. They are the marshmallows that stuck together in the challenging times taking 100% ownership (if not more), leading by example. .
Enjoying PB & J sandwiched between two crispy, delicious #GlutenFree #AlmondFlour Waffles is one thing but being a varied PB & J team (stronger, together) yourself is another. That would be like making the best tasting waffles, the very best. .

You get all the points for guessing it right – that Hot Chocolate is our beloved brand, holes were the problems, marshmallows you know ❤️. .
Hope you enjoyed and got inspired by our young team. .
Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚 Catch making of these waffles in stories.


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