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We started off as a very, very small scale set up. Our years of initial research had almost come to an end. We were going to work with the most brilliant ingredients to create the best breakfast and snacks India had ever tasted and experienced. And one such ingredient was HONEY. How we loved it! The consistency was just perfect to go with our Granola, Breakfast Cookies, Granola Bars, Raw Bars and even the sweet-salty Trail Mixes. The floral notes of litchi honey were to die for. We also ensured it is the most ethically sourced honey (beeboxes, et al). Sooner than expected, we were growing faster than we could imagine. The team was growing, you could find The Nibble Box across the country at select retail outlets, we were featured in the newspapers, we had started getting orders on the website from very far and unexpected locations. It was all just so perfect!
While we were at upscaling our production, we were looking for only the best, renowned, acclaimed partners to supply ingredients to us. That’s at our core. The list included honey too, obviously. We found the most amazing, organic, pure, raw honey from one of the best brands in India. The first consignment came in. One hundred kilos of honey – for trial. It kind of looked unreal and disturbing at first. We tried sleeping over it. Still, the thoughts wouldn’t leave. We had to know what it would lead to. Not bothering you with the details of what all we studied, here’s the crux : About 250 thousand species of flowering plants rely on bees for pollination. Without bees, fruits and vegetable stock would deplete. Beebox or not, bees do get hurt and die in the process of harvesting honey.
Contd. in Part 2


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