Recipe for Dark Chocolate Banana Bread

We know that a #BananaBreadBrekkie is not easy to get to when made from scratch because it needs a really good recipe, all the brilliant ingredients and a lot of effort and patience to make a loaf that is not only delicious but also nourishing.

We recorded the social excitement of baking BB from scratch (finding a recipe, getting ingredients, weighing and measuring, then baking) and also the inevitable fading of that excitement after baking one loaf. What was left : memories and lingering flavours with a hope to bake another one soon. That ‘soon’ could range from ‘a month’ to ‘never’ and we understand because it takes quite an effort to put a recipe and all the ingredients (weighed and measured) together.

So, we thought to do something that would make you LIVE YOUR BANANA BREAD DREAM whenever you want.

That’s how TNB Banana Bread Mix was born so that you don’t have to :-

1. Spend time in finding and verifying a recipe and then

2. Spend more time in finding, getting, weighing and measuring the ingredients.

We promise that it is very easy, delicious and made using #BrilliantIngredients. That’s also from the feedback that we got from our patrons.

Here’s what you do :

Step 1 : Add bananas, oil and milk to TNB Banana Bread Mix.

Step 2 : Bake

Step 3 : Cool, cut and devour

Easy as 1,2,3.

Have it just as is. Or toast it and slather some chocolate-hazenut butter. It tastes divine. Thanks to the wholesome ingredients #AlmondFlour#BelgianCocoa #WholeRolledOats #BananaFlour

It is #GlutenFree #VeganFriendly and made using #GutFriendly ingredients because #EveryIngredientMatters.

We kept it low on sugar (your ripe bananas take care of the sweetness) and used coconut sugar which is a low glycemic index, vegan friendly sugar that is also rich in nutrients.

The shelf life of a loaf of Banana Bread is around 3-5 days when refrigerated in chill zone. You can also slice them and freeze for upto a month. What’s cooler than that, we mean literally?

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 💚🙌🏻


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