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RECHARGE 1.0, take it slow :

Despite everyone making the best use of all the time in the last 3 difficult months, we all know how it still has taken quite a toll on our minds. Thank goodness for so many ideas and solutions around or how draining this time would have been! So, for ONE FULL WEEK starting today, we are celebrating the big win at The Nibble Box. .

Our team has won over each one of those obstacles that came in as a jolt. It was quite brutal for a young brand from a thriving perspective. We have won over infinite fears, we have won over chaos and confusion. And we have come out of it all much more united, even stronger and a lot more mature. .

But, what can go unseen here is the toll that such a long period of stress can take on the minds and bodies. Flight or fight for that long a duration can quite do that. Obviously, we are stopping that from happening right in the tracks even if that’s just a possibility. To do that, we are celebrating as a team in our one-week event : RECHARGE. As you may have guessed, Recharge 1.0 is aimed at boosting the mental and physical well being of our entire team. Also, we are going to make it a part of our core. .

Today’s event is BAKE – OFF. We have two teams, each baking their chosen ALMOND FLOUR BANANA BREAD! Who wins? ALL. This is not a competition as we do not encourage that aspect of living in our philosophy. What it’s truly meant to be, is an experience. The teams are completely unaware of the baking nitty-gritties. All they have is the “step-by-step method to baking your perfect loaf” (you get it along with your Banana Bread mix). They have to manage everything on their own. Isn’t that amazing when your work becomes your reward? That’s what is happening today, too! Banana Bread is the work and Banana Bread is the reward. .

Why are we sharing this with you? Firstly, because we love you and we want to remind you to TAKE A BREAK! And secondly, we want to also ask you to please not ask us to be as fast in this whole week because we are taking it SLOW. .
Have a relaxing and delicious, delicious weekend! 🙌🏻💚
P.S. : Banana Bread step-by-step method to baking a perfect loaf in stories today


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