How is the new freedom looking? We are glad that the very start of movement post this very long indoor period is being marked by #HealthAndWellBeing because that is a core part of our philosophy. Of course your body needs the right fuel pre and post workout. We don’t want to quit when we can easily ensure the energy it takes to up the workout intensity. Today feels like a warm, comforting, easy breakfast : Superfood Porridge (chocolate and hazelnut). #JustAddWater to make this #Gluten-Free #VeganFriendly #HighPlantProtein Porridge. We topped it with #SoonToLaunch #DarkChocolateBananaBread and some #DarkChocolateChips #SunflowerSeeds #ToastedHazelnuts #Cranberries. This deliciousness knows no bounds. It is always a good idea to feed your body with a lovely mini brekkie before you head out to feed your lungs with the freshest of outdoors. What’s #BrekkieAdventures otherwise? Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day 🙌🏻💚


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