We are SO thrilled to see your response to Chia Seed Pudding (Classic) Breakfast mix on the website and can not wait for you to share your #BrekkieAdventures with us!

Some of you guessed right about the NEW launch flavour. How could we not fulfil your chocolate dreams. So here it is :


🎁Since this is a #DiwaliLaunch, we want you to have all the blast. And so we have launched this amazing, delicious brekkie at a special introductory festive price for you, but only till Diwali. 🛒🎉

🌻It tastes and feels like a creamy mousse (no need for dairy, use any plant-based milk)

🌻made using #BrilliantIngredients

🌻Tastes best with TNB #CacaoCoveGRANOLA

🌻It is protein-rich because the main ingredient is Chia seeds

🌻It is BREAKFAST that tastes like a dessert and is loaded with health benefits

🌻You don’t need to make it because it makes on its own (overnight)

🌻This is just one of the SIX FLAVOURS that we are going to launch in the coming days

🌻For Diwali, we are launching it at an introductory/ festive price

🌻This too is a #WebsiteExclusive breakfast and will not be available on online marketplaces and at retail stores

Check out the website and kickstart your Diwali breakfasts with all the delicious fanfare!

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 💚🙌🏻


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