NEW Breakfast for you : Launching Soon on the website!!

Can you take a wild guess at what this breakfast could be?

Hint : It is made overnight on its own in the refrigerator. It has a creamy texture. We hear you asking about the taste profile. It is somewhere between tangy and mild sweet.

We are sorry about the delays in the new launches. We are just on a forever improvisation spree, it seems 😂. This time it is for the right packaging size that we are trying to figure out for this brekkie.

We promise to :

✅speed up the launch

✅keep it easy, simple, quick for you

✅keep the ingredients brilliant

Is it boring to alternate between the same brekkies over and over again? We would say a loud YES! It is not just boring for our minds but also for the #gutmicrobiota that thrives on diversity. And so we don’t think that we are ever going to stop revolutionising #interesting#wholesome#innovative and delicious breakfasts for you. Right now, we have one new breakfast for each day of the month for you #NeverGettingBored. Let’s take this amazingness to the next level with the new ones waiting to be launched. #PowerBreakfast

Hope that helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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