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Did you know that #BananaBread is now officially about a century old in the world? It was invented in the 1920s when people didn’t want to throw away their over ripe bananas. Well, 100/100 for sustainability on that one. .

Banana Bread when invented, was basically made using bananas, flour, sugar, butter, milk and eggs coming together to make a sweet loaf of bread.
Over the years and with countless improvisations, Banana Bread has seen all sorts of experimentations. One of the reasons could also be that it is tricky to make Banana Bread, we are guessing that from experience. You have to ensure the perfect wet to dry ratio, the method and time of baking, getting the flavours and ingredients right, to name a few. .

Was Banana Bread a mammoth task for us? Yes. Was it easy? Far from it. Did we have an option to not have it in @thenibblebox menu? NOWAY! It is a breakfast that is baked, gorgeously flavourful, truly a labour of love and we have always loved every single slice of the Banana Breads during all these months of trials. It simply is never enough! We had to make it reach you. Anyhow. .

We have made Banana Bread of your dreams (if we may say so ourselves), and in TWO flavours – Classic and Belgian Dark Chocolate! Made using high quality and brilliant ingredients, it is very simple and easy for you to make (you save more than 85% of your preparation time). Where we really found the task tricky was making these Banana Breads #VEGANfriendly! And #GLUTENFREE, too! To find the perfect and healthier ingredient replacements may still look doable but making it a success on the ingredient choice, taste and consistency fronts was where we really challenged ourselves. .

Now let’s talk about results. Your Banana Bread is going to be perfectly #moist#nutty#flavourful and you even get thin slices! That sounds so pro, we know. When made as per the suggested step-by-step, it comes out exactly the same every single time. .

Make yourself a loaf and savour days and days of delicious #BrekkieAdventures. Do not miss to tell us how it goes and know that we loaf you! .


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