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Juicy, fruity, trustworthy Jams with bursting flavours

 “I don’t eat jams anymore, though they used to be something I so loved as a child.” If that’s you, we are reinventing jams for you. .

Children love to paint, they love to explore and they love to eat jam. It is a form of love that comes uninfluenced and straight from the heart.
Since we started falling in deeper love with Pancakes, waffles, Banana Breads, Chia Pudding and every breakfast that needs a fruity zing to go with it, we traced back our long lost love for jams. .
Now, we don’t blame you for blaming the prevalent jams and all the wellness-damaging powers that they possess with poor quality, artificial ingredients in them. We also figured that parents usually settle at refined sugar laden jams blessing the bottle for not having additives and preservatives. .
Nevermind. Let’s talk dreams. Can we take you to an imaginary world where jams are “fruity” with only real fruit, “sweet” with only natural sugars and “flavourful” with only real flavours? Jams with absolutely zero refined sugars, jams that are 100% natural?
And then how about we also tell you that we are working on bringing this imaginary world out of your dreams straight to your breakfast table?
It is going to be a couple of minutes of work for you to make fresh, quick, 100% natural jam with fruit of your choice. Are you ready to do the work? We will figure out everything else for you. .
Featured in today’s post : Spiced Apricot- Chia Jam sweetened with coconut sugar. It is quite a delight on toasts and Pancakes and goes really, really fast because there is now just no reason why it should sit there for months in the refrigerator when it can be devoured fresh and with zero doubts.
Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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