It’s back!

Sorry for going frequently out of stock on this but we are seeing an unanticipated surge in the demand of #RoseMilkMix since last month and we are yet to hear from those who are silently (and with a smile in every sip!) enjoying. This is a request : please talk to us because we really want to know how you love it more – warm or cold? With milk or as tea? Do kids love it more than you or is it you?

We love to talk about love for good foods (and beverages) that are fueling and mindfully fulfilling. It sparks more interest in us and drives us towards innovating and inventing better.

Of course, we have reinvented this sweet childhood memory as – Rose Milk Mix. But, it is quite an invention for the points that it earns simply basis the #BrilliantIngredients that it is made of.

We had to make sure that your Rose Milk has :-

🧐 #NoSugarSyrups – scariest part #ReadTheLabels

🧐 #NoArtificialAdditives – let the flavours be real

🧐 #NoAntioxidants – thank you, we can get that from nature

So, we made your Rose milk mix with #ZeroAddedSugar and all and only natural ingredients such as #Beetroot#Cardamom and #Rose#JustAddMilk, your choice and amount of sweetener, blend and transport yourself in a fragrant, sweet world of daydreaming because everything is pleasant and good-for-you there, just like your Rose milk.

Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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