🍿 How are you enjoying holiday movie times at home? 🎥

🍿 What’s movies without some salty, delicious, perfectly popped, fresh, hot popcorn? What’s Diwali without some pop? 🌟🎉

This is not a breakfast launch unless your movie time starts in the morning. #BrekkieAdventures

So why did we think popcorn? Because we want you to experience popcorn with the #cleanestlabelever, if we may say so ourselves. And because we couldn’t not share this simple and brilliant snack solution with you. 🙌🏻❤️

Here’s more about YOUR BRAND NEW SNACK . . .

🟡@thenibblebox COCOA BUTTER POPCORN KIT – CLASSIC SALTED (because everyone loves it)

🍿Make hot, fresh popcorn in less than 5 minutes

🍿No TransFats (which means no hydrogenated oils)

🍿No bad oils (which means no palm oil/ vegetable oil)

🍿No artificial colours/ additives/ flavours

🍿No Preservatives

🍿#WebsiteExclusive – not available on online marketplaces and at retail stores

🍿Made using #BrilliantIngredients because #EveryIngredientMatters

🍿#VeganFriendly for the planet (no butter and still buttery)

🍿#CleanNutritionLabel because that’s how we do things for you at @thenibblebox

#ZeroRefinedSugar #AllNatural #Wholesome

Fuel your festive times with good, clean food energy.

You will find the link on the main menu bar on the website with :

🎁THREE packaging options to suit the needs of your family

🎁A festive discount ONLY for the DIWALI MONTH

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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