n baking a Banana Bread, the basics are pretty straight forward :
✅Make the dry mix using dry ingredients viz. flour, sugar, etc.
✅Make the wet mix using bananas, oil, milk, etc.
✅Then mix the wet and dry mix and BAKE!

While it seems a simple process, the catch lies in finding the perfect recipe that ensures a consistent result every single time, and then weighing and measuring of the ingredients.

⭐️With TNB Banana Bread Mix, we have made your effort down to less than 15%.

⭐️You don’t need a recipe

⭐️You don’t need to put in the effort of finding and then accurately weighing the dry mixes

⭐️You don’t need to figure out the baking process as we have very precisely laid it out for you in the step-by-step guide

⭐️The effort your put in is less than 10 minutes.

👉🏽All you do to make yourself a perfect, delicious loaf of Banana Bread with #BrilliantIngredients :

☝🏽Follow the step-by-step guide that we send to you alongwith the TNB Almond flour Banana Bread Mix

✌🏽Know that it is easy, simple, fun and very enjoyable to bake your own loaf of sweet smelling Banana Bread loaf. And 100% worth it.


🌱Your TNB Banana Bread is gluten-free and made using gut friendly ingredients #PrebioticIngredients
🌱Your house smells of freshly baked Banana Bread
🌱You get breakfast for days and days with barely any effort

❌Your TNB Banana Bread Mix has #NORefinedSugar #NORefinedFlour #NOTransFats #NODairy.

Have a ton of fun baking this weekend and enjoying your Banana Bread in coming week.

Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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