How to make a Masala Chai which is dairy-free? Is it healthier than dairy chai?

Dairy is not the best for your gut and hormone health and thankfully, there is a marked global rise in the rate at which people are turning into vegans. We have discussed this in great detail in the past (see old posts).

Here are solutions for you to make your #MasalaChai #vegan friendly, absolutely #dairy-free, more #mindful and equally delicious if not more :-

PROBLEM : Plant based milk when heated sometimes curdle.
SOLUTION : Acidity in tea/ coffee and/or strong heat cause curdling of plant based milk. To prevent this, add the milk at the very end. Use warmed milk. Do not try to boil plant based milk.

PROBLEM : On brewing tea with #MasalaMilkmix
SOLUTION : Boil your water with the #MasalaMilkMix and tea leaves for a couple of minutes. Turn off the heat and cover the lid. Strain into the cup to which you can add your plant-based milk and sweetener.

PROBLEM : On taste, milkiness and flavor
SOLUTION : Of all plant based milk, Coconut milk is closest in taste, consistency and even composition wise (nutritionally) , when compared to dairy milk.

PROBLEM : What are the benefits of dairy-free Masala Chai over one made using dairy milk?
SOLUTION : You take in zero hormones from another species into your body, so no scope of unwanted #hormone disturbances in your body. Dairy free Masala Chai is easier on the #gut and may keep gastrointestinal issues like #bloating at bay.

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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