How often do you fall in love with your brekkie?

We hope it is E V E R Y D A Y (because love is all there is) ❤️

We fell in love with these two all over again when our patron – Aneesha @shimmerglam shared her love for her favourite #ChocohazelnutGranola and her new find #PinkCity granola through these pictures.

It is not very common that we find a pairing of these two in the same frame and that makes these pictures a lot more amazing, innovative and unique – true to the spirit of #BrekkieAdventures.

⭐️TNB Chocohazelnut Granola has the most unique kick from dried, chewy figs to complement the deliciously strong bond between dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts.

⭐️On the other hand, TNB Pink City Granola is all things festive, super innovative focused on classic Indian rose-pistachio-cardamom flavours. It is hard to imagine a granola with those flavours (it was a revolutionary brekkie when launched back in 2015-16) but we have not stopped receiving emails and DMs showing true love for Pink City.

For that matter, both of these two granola from our kitty of 11 get more love than we ever imagined. And for that, we are forever grateful to our patrons such as Aneesha.

#THANKYOU to each one of you and we feel lucky to make these two for you. Very, very lucky indeed.

Hope you too are having a loving, blessed weekend! 🙌🏻💚


#NORefinedSugar #NoTransFats or artificial additives ever.


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