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How do you like muffins?

How do you like muffins?

Today’s #BrekkieAdventures : A little moist from inside, delicious Banana blueberry muffins for breakfast on a rainy day with a hot cuppa tea.

Remember how we transformed Dark Chocolate #BananaBreadMix into muffins a couple of days back? We did the same to #BananaBreadMix CLASSIC today.

The result is SO GOOD. Bananas are the main ingredient used for sweetness. You will LOVE the high quality #BrilliantIngredients used in this mix that keep the Banana Bread (or muffins) rich, delicious and way healthier with :

#ComplexCarbs – to maintain an overall healthy Glycemic Index

#HealthyFats – the good fats from nuts , also #VeganFriendly

#HighQualityPlantProtein – from seeds and nuts

#GlutenFree – we used almond flour, banana flour and oats instead #WeLoveTheGut

#PrebioticFlour – this is a game changer to keep #YourGutAHappyPlace

#LowSugar – we leveraged on them bananas

#ZeroRefinedSugar – nutrient dense coconut sugar is used instead

#RichInFiber – naturally from oats, bananas #AllForTheGut

We also plopped in some frozen blueberries, they add to the flavor (and look at that colour screaming JOY).

Then of course you may fancy a topper. That’s vegan cashew cream. Recipe : blend soaked cashews with lemon, water, vanilla and maple. We made it tang to compliment the berriliciousness of this muffin.

Try and let us know. Have a delicious, delicious weekend! 🙌🏻💚


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