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Challenges that we faced in the last few months were never even anticipated by us. These were the toughest times in our young company’s history which is just over 7 years now.

We always enjoy innovating and putting in all the effort in creating clean and conscious breakfast and snacks. What we never actively do is reaching out to those who are looking out for delicious food with clean ingredients and not able to find us. But, the recent times have made us ponder upon questions and problems that we took for granted thinking that we have all the time in the world to find people who are looking for solutions that we create.

It is now heartbreaking that a few our growth plans have been stalled. We have had to delay a lot of new launches, hold back the R & D and focus on what’s now in the category of pressing needs, which majorly entails shipping, distribution, technology, etc.

The Nibble Box has ALWAYS been about the camaraderie between us and you. It has always been a treasured symbiotic relationship that we have enjoyed with you since we started on this journey of creating real, honest, clean food and making it available to you across the country. And we promise to continue to do that in the coming decades as well with small but crucial support from you.

Here’s how you can show your love to yours truly :

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