How are you topping your pancakes today?

 We are pairing mango and coconut. Being compatible is okay but going together on adventures is what we look at when pairing two strong flavours such as these. While it is not always easy to have two strong flavours come together, the journey to exploring them is totally worth it. What’s #BrekkieAdventures otherwise? Try this pairing of Mango and coconut when you make pancakes today and see yourself wide-eyed, pleasantly surprised while your taste buds are at work. By the way, did you know that taste receptors are not just in the mouth, throat and gut but in the heart and lungs too!? Thanks for telling us Mr. Bryson (author of the book “The Body”). How cool is it to have this deliciousness savoured beyond the obvious? Very, very cool! Mangoes are in full swing and we know you have coconut hiding in your pantry (get from the website if you don’t). So, make it and tell us how much you love it. Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 💚🙌🏻 #glutenfreepancakes #veganpancakes #mangopancakes #everyingredientmatters


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