Do you feel like lying around and looking at the rain as it washes all slates clean for a fresh start? And also because it is the weekend? We feel weekends are to stop and smell the roses, just like pause and savour your Hot Chocolate. While sipping Hot Chocolate slow and mindfully, we can almost feel the brilliant flavonoids working their charm on the mind (calm) and the body (secret of the Aztecs). For that it’s not coffee and won’t kick you out of the bed is also one of the big reasons that we always choose Hot Chocolate over coffee! And wow, it is so rich, intense and decadent because #BrilliantIngredients. .
Do you really want to overdose on work when there are raindrops trickling down to the windowsill and luscious hot chocolate right in your mug to savour? We hope not. So, #JustAddMilk to your #BelgianHotChocolateMix, stay in bed curled up with a book and grow time. .
❤️ : The flavours may reminisce you of the most lovely Parisian cafés. #70%DarkChocolate #ZeroTransfats #LowSugar #EveryIngredientMatters #veganfriendly #glutenfree


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