What’s revolutionary about our most loved #CosmicClusters is that we kept them as #wholesome as it gets.

Cosmic Clusters are made using WHOLE #Amaranth (rajgira) – the timeless, #IndianSuperfood. That’s all. Amaranth is the ONLY GRAIN (technically Amaranth is a seed) used in making Cosmic Clusters. No other grain.

To us, Amaranth is magical, powerful and the most amazing Indian superfood for its complete #aminoacid profile and its friendliness with the farmer. Quite #diverse, isn’t it?

It was quite a challenge for us to make a cereal for kids using the #cleanest possible ingredients #EveryIngredientMatters. We even felt like giving up after a spree of endless trials but the additive-loaded cereal industry gave our research a #PURPOSE.

Just like Amaranth, the truth about Cosmic Clusters is that they are #versatile. There could be hundreds of ways to try them. We even made dark chocolate barks with Cosmic Clusters in them and never looked back.

#NORefinedSugar #NoAdditivesNoPreservatives #BrilliantIngredients #PlantBased

ANNOUNCEMENT : They are back in stock. Both Dark Chocolate and Strawberry. Do let us know how you love to eat your Cosmic Clusters.

Have a deliciously crunchy day! 🙌🏻💚


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