Do we have to tell you we love you? We made amazing, wholesome Pancakes Mixes for you!

Good pancakes truly make people happy and so TNB’s got you the best possible Pancake mixes as far as ingredients and taste are concerned.

🌻Made using brilliant ingredients

🌻No refined sugar

🌻Gluten free (Oats and Almond flour)

🌻With the goodness of prebiotic raw banana flour

🌻Vegan friendly

🌻Super Easy – make in under 10 minutes. Just add milk to the mix to make batter.

🌻Fluffy, round, perfectly browned every single time

🌻Moist, fluffy and delicious till the last bite.

Hope it helps. Have a flippin’ great day ie. Pancakes with a side of pancakes! 🙌🏻💚


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