We make every single thing at @thenibblebox – ALL that you see here and on the website. Every breakfast, every snack.

And so the least that we could do to make things better for you was to see if we could get everything reach you as quickly as it gets made. #HelloFresh

The shelf life allows us to make everything ahead of time. But, what’s #BrekkieAdventures without fresh batch?

If we can do something that is doable for us and that brings extra joy to you, sure we will do.

✅PACKED, NOT PACKAGED : Just a reminder that your @thenibblebox is not even remotely close to the idea of a packaged food MNC. We are a young, innovative, deep into reseach, Indian brand that has unshakable willingness to change the scene of breakfast in India with much healthier, happier and delicious breakfasts that are made using #BrilliantIngredients and are easy to enjoy!

THAT MEANS : what you get from @thenibblebox website is NOT MONTHS OLD. In fact, not even one month old.

And so we go all the extra miles that it takes to add to your comfort, to your health and to your happiness because it means BIG to us.

We hope FRESH BATCH straight delivered to your home means big to you, too.

Browse TNB website (link in bio) and choose your Fresh Batch brekkies.

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious week! 💚🙌🏻


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