While some associate the word with fine wine, others settle at food that looks beautiful and tastes uniquely delicious. While some find it synonymous with expensive, others like to call anything French as gourmet. It is clearly unclear to define the word “gourmet” basis the varied perspectives.

Now, when we were making a fresh entry in the big industry, little did we know that your love will make us the “gourmet breakfast” leader at the stores we started with. That was only with 5 variants of Granola and within 2 years of launch. We felt immensely grateful.

What we learned later was that many of our first patrons FELT that The Nibble Box is an international brand, doing things the international way. That is what they loved about TNB the most.

Strange but that didn’t go very well with us. We wanted to say out loud that this is your own, very own and #IndianBrand trying to do things differently. A lesson that came in well in time was to speak through our work. So, we did.

To add to more robust Indianness to core of The Nibble Box, we explored and studied Indian ingredients like never before. We understood in great detail about the mighty #millets, high quality protein rich #Amaranth (Rajgira), calcium rich #sesame and nutrient dense #watermelon seeds, flavourful iron rich #dates, good old bold #coconut, most powerful and amazing #spices, and even the calming effect of #rose in food, to name a few. We further studied about their pairings in ways that had never been heard of before.

The granola that we created after that deep level of research and development for years truly made us feel no less than inventors. It was the MOST REAL AND ORIGINAL we had ever felt, until then. We were proud to launch the most unique variants of granola :


Most importantly, it was when you showed not just acceptance but so much of love for these, that it gave us a big boost of joy that keeps us radically inspired and driven till today.
Thank you for being such a sport.

Have you tried breakfast with a candle? It is #BrekkieAdventures of another level esp. in rains.


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