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Do you love smoothies, juices, shakes – basically liquids that are delicious, healthy, gorgeously flavourful and chilled? And that can be made in #under5minutes?

It is kind of a pretty good way to sip on winters esp. while absorbing all the morning sunshine at your breakfast table. ☀️

🎉Here’s a 3 ingredient #NoAddedSugar , recovery-boosting, relaxing beverage RECIPE for your active festive mornings :

1. In a blender, add
🔸100 ml almond or any milk of choice
🔸half a banana (preferably frozen) to it
🔸1 tablespoon of TNB Rose Milk Mix

2. Blend for a couple of seconds.

3. Enjoy fresh and cold!

🌻A little about this beverage :

🟡BEETROOT in TNB Rose Milk Mix helps you with recovery of muscles.

🟡BANANA is a natural sweetener and fights fatigue too.

🟡ROSE calms you with both its fragrance and its nutritional calm-inducing profile.

🟡CARDAMOM from is great for so many benefits but we need its anti-inflammatory and digestion boosting benefits for all the obvious reasons during festivities.

🟡TASTE : Imagine you’ve entered a Rose garden and the weather is pleasant cold.

Do try and LET US KNOW how you love this!

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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