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Do you love just everything about the “idea” of #MasalaChai like how you love pancakes?

Do you love just everything about the “idea” of #MasalaChai like how you love pancakes? We have created something quite satisfying, very uniquely innovative and outstandingly delicious – spiced pancakes with butter chai syrup. Now, while it may sound a bit of work, you’ve got to believe us when we say it takes just a couple of happy minutes. We knew Pancakes and Chai are a thing when we shared that with you a few weeks back (check feed). So this is a safe bet that is sure to create a ton of delight. We are just putting it all at one place with a few more brilliant ingredients. If you have not yet tried pancakes with hot masala chai, are you even ready for the rains? .
#JustAddMilk to our #AlmondFlourPancakeMix and make pancakes. Then drizzle and top and enjoy the bursts of pure joy inside of you. #GlutenFree #VeganFriendly #NutrientDense #ChaiPancakes #AllNatural #NoRefinedSugar #NoRefinedFlour #NoMaidaPancakes #BrilliantIngredients .
Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 💚🙌🏻


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