Does that idea also seem difficult and you end up having to choose between relaxation and baking? We know, weekend is only 48 hours.

But fret no more.

Because baking an entire loaf of this delicious breakfast bread using TNB Almond flour #BananaBreadMix will take you barely a few minutes and a couple of ripe bananas.

All you do is follow the step-by-step (see the link in our today’s stories), slide the batter in the oven and get lost in the weekend. There will be a gorgeous Dark Chocolate Banana Bread Loaf waiting for you. That’s breakfast for weekend and also weekdays!

Did we solve a problem for you?

What’s even better? Your Banana Bread is :

🍀 Gluten free – easy on the gut

🍀 Vegan friendly #NoDairyNoProblem

🍀 Made using prebiotic raw banana flour #HappyGutHappyYou

🍀 ZeroRefinedSugar #SustainedEnergy

🍀 Zero Transfats #LoveYourHeart

🍀 Rich in healthy fats and plant protein #WinWin

🍀 62% Nuts, Seeds and Fruit #NutrientDense

🍀 We used coconut sugar which is a low glycemic index sugar and is a natural, nutritious derivative of coconut flower #SlowEnergyRelease

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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