Do you enjoy healing beverages?

We do too! And probably it is for people like us that this magical ancient composition from our rich history, is now a part of daily for so many in the world.

Health and wellness experts across the globe feel that it is a significant game changer to have this blend of potent Indian spices led by Turmeric (for amazing, powerful “curcumin” in it). It is known to help maintain overall health to prevent and fight diseases by fueling body’s internal defence mechanism #ImmunityBoost.

But you, our dear fellow Indian, we hope that you know this and a LOT better from your family history.

By the way, when do you remember the world’s favourite rituals (nutrition, fitness, well being) that you could never stick to? Is it more esp. at the time when you are under the weather? #CoughAndCold

So, we are here to tell you this :

1. Knowing is not enough :

by that we mean ritualizing all good things in life – exercise, meditation and a cup of warm, fragrant, instant energy and mood boosting golden milk for a daily healing beverage.

2. What looks complicated can actually be simple, easy and quick :

and so we packed all the spices weighed, measured and blended for you in a handy bottle with instructions on it.


Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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