When did Breakfast Cookies/ Granola Bars/ Raw Bars get launched on TNB website?

Back in 2013 and about 12 variants. We have not been very active on social media in the past and although our menu has always been full of delicious, clean-labelled breakfast and snack options, we have found it difficult to showcase every thing, here, on social media. Even if we did, the social media algorithm simply fails to show to you every single post from us.

Having said that, our simple plan of sharing most of what’s on TNB Menu here on Instagram in the past few months has proven to be great in terms of making you understand what is The Nibble Box all about.

Although it’s been months of daily talking to you over breakfast, we are yet not even close to showcasing everything to you – all our breakfast and snack options, our philosophy of doing what we do and why we do it, how are we trying to change the perspective on breakfast from being just a chore when we believe that it’s so much more – a fresh start to a new day, an opportunity to fuel your body, a ritual of choosing to eat clean-labelled food to live a happy and healthier life, etc.

And so, we encourage you to visit our website – http://www.thenibblebox.com and go through all the deliciousness we have to offer. We promise that you will love the spread and hopefully more so, because everything is made using brilliant ingredients #EveryIngredientMatters.

Do you know that we also just made SHIPPING FREE across India and that now there is no limit to how much you want to buy from the website?

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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