Can my 4 year old eat TNB Superfood Porridge?

We got the above question on email from one our patrons last week. We thought it would only be fair to share the answer and detail with you too, here.

Here is the answer in detail for you :

YES, you can certainly give the following 2 of our 3 TNB Superfood Porridges to your child aged 2 years and above :

#RoseAndPistachio Superfood Porridge, and

#CranberryAndRaisin Superfood Porridge

because these are made using ingredients that are found in homes and that are known for their natural goodness.

#AllAndOnlyIngredients in the above 2 TNB Superfood Porridges are Almonds, whole rolled oats, cranberries, raisins, amaranth, coconut sugar, cinnamon, apricots, seeds, rose petals and rock salt. #HighQuality #BrilliantIngredients #NutrientDense

The one that we would ONLY recommend FOR ADULTS would be TNB #ChocolateAndHazelnut Superfood Porridge because it has #AHintOfCoffee

How to make TNB Superfood Porridge for your children?


For 2 year olds who love mushy texture, you can simply cook the porridge in water and adjust the consistency as per your liking. This will make nuts and seeds softer.


For children 4 years and above, you can follow the exact process suggested at the back your Superfood Porridge jar/ pack :

#JustAddHotWater and mix well. This keeps the nuts crunchy and fruit chewy.

It is creamy, mildly sweet, flavourful and delicious. Enjoy it warm.

You do not need to add any sweetener or milk as we have taken care of both of these aspects and also the add-ins.

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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