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WHY VEGAN by ?  
the best of athletes who turned Vegan

  E V E R Y  I N G R E D I E N T  M A T T E R S  

Do you pay extra attention to what’s going into your food? Well, we are obsessed about ingredients – the nature, quality, quantity, health benefits, taste, flavour, consistency et al. And that is why we take our own sweet time to innovate only the best for you. Since now is the time for our Almond Flour Banana Bread Mix to launch, we are today sharing the entire list of ingredients that we have very carefully chosen to be a part of this delicious brekkie (with top notch ingredients) that is soon going to be a part of @thenibblebox menu. Settling on anything that is a compromise is in itself a compromised way of living and we believe that a little effort can totally change that situation because we only deserve the best. Therefore, introducing the brilliant ingredients for the most brilliant, flavourful, delicious Banana bread ever (see stories). It is almost quite satisfying to see how our 82143254 1084602488599671 5418362864740112417 n 1 101364448 537444570273682 3399159021836720731 n 1 101853651 575448303356302 6477195820483901014 n 1 101980061 264067268043659 3448690236898940141 n 1 101985045 157145922519937 6869932668225622634 n 2 102917624 175996313902472 8227262066928889088 n 1 102417266 182713113078129 6055498116713398294 n 3

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