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. “Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.” ~ Alice Walker
The reason why we chose mason jars for all of our 11 Granola was not to see you becoming an upcycling pro environmentalist. That happens by default. It was mainly because of our love at first sight. Just like some people are a perfect cut out for each other, so are TNB Granola and mason jars. .
When we had started evaluating the options, we had run out of almost all that existed – from honest-to-goodness browns to sheeny-textured boxes, from earthy, unpretentious paper bags to highly customized printed packets with character, nothing seemed missing and yet nothing touched a chord. The choices ran in a couple of hundreds. Everytime we force-settled on one, we immediately rejected it for we saw that artistic Granola feel caged, unable to bring out its magic.
Then one fine day, we had a meeting with the mason jar. There was an intuitive “yay” in the air already. We brought out one of our 4 (then), Chocohazlenut Granola. Filling the jar was quite an experience in itself, full of grace. The sound was music to the ears. And when the music stopped, we couldn’t take our eyes off that beauty that was in front of us. So pristine, so beautiful – inside and out. That gold (lid) on the neck just made it magnificent reinforcing our love for the sunshine. .

It was so complete. Before we even shared it with you all, we knew it will steal hearts let alone acceptance. .

Isn’t it always like that? When you come close to ultimate beauty, you just know that it is going to start and fuel magic that will make the world happier and even more beautiful.
We can now confidently say that this magical association that happened back in the day, has led us to knowing and touching the lives of so many of you. It is not something we take for granted. It’s truly a blessing. It’s perfect, flawless magic. .

We hope that TNB plays its part by creating beauty all around you. Have a beautiful, delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻


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