Banana Bread makes a clean sweep for the win


Your Dark Chocolate Banana Bread can actually beat any slice of chocolate cake in pretty simple yet invisible ways. Invisible because #ReadingFoodLabels is yet to be the #NewNormal but we are not giving up.

Here’s how Banana Bread rises to the occasion, quite literally too :–

1. The Flours : Most unlabeled foods are made of refined flours (known to be bad for the #skin, leads to #inflammation, lowers #energy levels, leading cause of #obesity).

Instead, we use (#ReadTheLabel) :-
Oats – fiber + nutrients
Almond flour – fiber + healthy fats + nutrients
Banana flour – gut friendly

2. The Sugars : Most unlabeled foods are made of refined sugars (bad for #immunity#energy, the entire human body and mind system).

Instead, we use (#ReadTheLabel) :-
Coconut sugar – a nutrient dense, natural derivative of coconut sap. Plus, we keep it #lowsugar #SayNoToSugarRush

3. The Fats : Most unlabeled foods are made using trans fats in varying quantities (known to cause inflammation and #heart diseases).

Instead, we use (#ReadTheLabel) :-
Nuts and seeds – the healthy fats

4. The Carbs : Most unlabeled foods are made using quick carbs even when gluten free (known to cause sugar #spikes, inflammation of the gut if it has gluten).

Instead, we use (#ReadTheLabel):-
Whole Rolled Oats – complex carbs with good fiber
Banana flour – this is in fact a great-for-the-gut ingredient that is known to be a prebiotic for your #gut #microbiota

5. The Protein : Most unlabeled foods are devoid of protein rich ingredients. We have made sure you get high quality protein from nuts, seeds and oats.

While it may all sound complex, it really isn’t. All you need to do is #ReadTheLabel and enjoy all sweet things life has to offer, naturally and in the best possible wholesome way.

Hope this gives enough motivation to all you baking your loaf for the coming week with @thenibblebox #AlmondflourBananaBreadMix

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious weekend! 🙌🏻💚


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